An Untitled Novel

I was looking through my random snippets of writing from the past. Some of them were surprisingly well-written by my own standards – it’s always a good idea to set something aside and come back to it later. However, trending amongst all of my work was a complete incipiency. They were all so short, undeveloped, naive. They did, on the other hand, have potential, of which I was able to find a lot in one particular piece. And hence starts my project: to complete a novel. It will be posted in parts, initially without a schedule (whenever I feel the whim to add to it), although I hope this will change in the near future. It will give me a chance to explore different themes, character development, etc. The road will be rocky, but I hope that you will be able to see improvement and maturity in my writing as the plot develops. I welcome your feedback throughout this process!